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S1 E10: The Creative Team of HCC

Our interdisciplinary team includes a group of Digital Production Arts (DPA) Master students who creates visual effects in film, television, and games for the HCC Lab. In this episode, DPA students describe their tools to produce outstanding computer graphics that support the Lab's goals and share their experiences within the lab from their perspectives.

Posted 05/29/14
Lab Daze News
02/10 >>
Lab Daze Season 2 Coming Soon in Spring 2015!
02/18 >>
Lab Daze will be visiting West Newton Elementary School
10/19 >>
The Lab Daze film crew is following the team to the Clemson vs. FSU football game to see how they cheer on the tigers in Death Vally.
10/02 >>
Lab Daze visited the big screen on the jumbo tron in Death Vally during the Clemson vs. Wake Forest football game.