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Brain-Drone Race

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What is BCI?

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is the utilization of a brain imaging device for the purpose of controlling machines with the human brain and to understand the human's emotional condition or state.

What is Brain-Drone Racing?

A competition of one's cognitive ability and mental endurance requiring competitors to out-focus an opponent in a drone drag race fueled by electrical signals emitted from the brain

Competition Information

Contest Rules

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Rewards and Prizes

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Competition Location


  • Location: Florida Gymnasium (FLG)
  • Date: April 15, 2017
  • Time: 1:00 PM EST
  • Food will be provided
  • Reigning Brain Drone Race Champion

    "The World’s First Brain-Drone Race was a ground-breaking spectacle within the field of BCI research. It is truly an honor to have witnessed such an extraordinary event and mark my place in history as the World’s First Brain-Drone Race winner." - Amber Hawthorne

    Our Team

    Juan E. Gilbert, Ph.D

    HXR Lab Director

    Marvin Andujar

    BCI Group Lead

    Chris Crawford

    Brain-Robot Interaction Researcher

    France Jackson

    User Experience | BCI Researcher

    Jean Louis

    Team Lead, Software Developer

    Stanley Celestin

    Software Engineer, Web Developer

    Ivens Applyrs

    Communication Lead

    Ricardo Joseph

    Software Engineer, Back End Developer

    Dylan Tran

    Simulation Lead

    Luigi Richard

    Communication, Testing

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