An app used to keep all persons safe during a #TrafficStop

The Traffic Stop app aims to reduce face to face interaction between drivers and law enforcement during simple routine stops. Drivers and officers can use the video chat and other additional features to simplify the exchange of information and communication between them. Motorists using Traffic Stop can upload and access documentation that they are required to have while operating a vehicle. Police officers can access the driver's information quickly by searching the database of license plates without ever leaving the patrol car.

  • How it works

    How it works Driver's App

    Traffic Stop allows drivers to add vehicles to their account along with their drivers license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. When the driver is pulled over by an officer, the driver will select the vehicle s/he is currently driving. The vehicle's license plate will be used to connect the driver's Traffic Stop app with the officer's Traffic Stop app. This enables the officer to view the driver’s information and send a video conference request to interact with the driver from their patrol car.

  • Multiple drivers can be added to a car

    Adding additional drivers to cars

    Driver’s can easily add any subscribed users to any of the cars that they own. If the added driver is pulled over, the owner of the vehicle can allow the additional drivers access to the vehicle information that the police may need. Any driver can have an unlimited amount of cars added to their account.

  • Confirm You Are Safe

    Adding third parties to the video chat

    Third parties such as emergency contacts that can assist the driver can be invited to the video chat with the driver and officer. This feature can also be used to assist both the motorist and the police officer if there are communication barriers anytime during the traffic stop (i.e. language differences or individuals with disabilities).

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How it works Officer's App

From the law enforcement officer's perspective, the Traffic Stop app will be used on the patrol car’s laptop. When the officer stops a driver, the officer will enter the vehicle's tag number into their Traffic Stop app.

The officer will be able to see the vehicle registration, the driver's drivers license, proof of insurance, the owner of the vehicle’s information and any other information relevant to the driver or car. To speak with the driver, the officer can request a real time video conference between the driver, the officer, and other parties (if necessary) so they can see and hear each other.

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